Kabir Singh Earns More With Paid Previews in Hyd


Kabir Singh, the official remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy has so far recorded a net box office collection of Rs. 235.74 crores, making some earth-shattering records all over. In spite of receiving negative responses, the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial managed to stay on top among new releases.

However, the fact that the enormous response to Bollywood film Kabir Singh has come from the south is leaving everyone surprised. In one of the recent interviews, Rana Daggubati revealed this intriguing truth that Hyderabad has the highest opening paid previews for Kabir Singh which were sold a day before the release. Yes, it is shocking that Telugu people who have already watched Arjun Reddy still showed interest to watch its Hindi remake as well.

Rana said, “One of my good friends told me this interesting information that when the opening day of Kabir Singh had come out, the night before for the previews, the highest previews were sold in Hyderabad. I felt very strange. The city that has watched this film fully, had to watch this first. That’s something very interesting. That’s like Jungle Book effect, you know who the lion king is, but you still want to watch it to experience. But this is what good stories do and hold for you to come back again.”

Now emerging as one of the most successful films of the year, Kabir Singh is now collecting fantastic in its third weekend as well. Soon the film may surpass Simmba and Uri and go on to become the biggest blockbuster in 2019 in Hindi cinemas.

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