Dutee Chand, India’s First Openly Gay Athlete, Lands Cover of ‘Cosmopolitan’


Dutee Chand, who in May became the first pro athlete in India to come out as gay, is featured on the cover of this month’s Indian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Writes News18: ‘Dutee, who won two silver medals at the 2018 Asian Games, became one of the few athletes in the world to openly admit same-sex relationship. Instead of this being a very positive account, however, her revelation came in the light of the facts that her elder sister had threatened to go public with this information, as a way of blackmailing her. Since her revelation, Dutee has said that her family is not fully supportive of her relationship, and she hopes she finds acceptance soon. “What I am doing is not wrong, nor is it a crime,” she told News18 in an interview.’

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